10 Things Stepmoms Refuse to Feel Guilty About

I ran across this article about a month ago on Babble about things women refuse to feel guilty about … [Read More...]


Dads Matter Too

Often times, the role of dad in the family, be it modern or traditional, can get overshadowed by the … [Read More...]

The Modern Kitchen

Pies-Giving – Vanilla Almond Cherry Lattice Pie

Noreen Lambert has done it again!  She has a series out on her YouTube cooking channel and her … [Read More...]

Love and Marriage

May The Flirt Be With You!

And may your nearest redeemer for frequent flirter miles not be a 3 ft tall, grammatically … [Read More...]

The Nest

Transform Your Space, Transform Your Life

I've learned so much over the past 5 years about sowing the seeds that you want to harvest in your … [Read More...]

Renew You

Our 2013 Joy-Inducing Plan

In modern families it can be difficult to not allow the pitfalls to consume you and/or define you … [Read More...]


Hollywood Exes

I caught the tail end of the first season of Hollywood Exes, a reality show featuring ex-wives of some of the greatest men in the entertainment industry, but I do plan to watch the second season premiering July 8 at 10/9 C.  The premise of the show … [Read More...]

80’s Child Actors Malcolm Jamal Warner and Regina King

How many of you remember the 80's sitcoms, 227 and The Cosby Show? Now, how many of you remember Regina King who played Brenda on 227 and Malcolm-Jamal Warner who played Theo on the very popular, long-lived series, The Cosby Show? I was pleasantly … [Read More...]

Celebrity Modern Dad Hot List

TMF decided to scour the net for some of today's hottest celebrity modern dads. Michael Strahan, because of his captivating personality and his gorgeous body doesn't hurt either, is at the top of our list. Will Smith's funny personality and … [Read More...]

RHOBH Russell Armstrong Commits Suicide!

I am so very sad to be reporting the tragic death of Real Housewives of Beverly Hill's Taylor Armstrong's husband, Russell Armstrong. He was found dead at a friend's house on Monday night after apparently hanging himself. He did not leave a note, but … [Read More...]

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Split

After 7 years of marriage, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have decided to call it quits. We are really upset by this because they seemed so solid. Our prayer is that they are able to work it out amicably for the sake of their beautiful twins, Max … [Read More...]