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Be Kinder To Yourself!
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Strengthening Your Bond

As we often say here at Todays Modern Family, "marriage is hard but remarriage is even harder."  … [Read More...]



Being An Effective Team

Effective:  Having an intended or expected effect.  Team:  To harness or join together. The … [Read More...]

The Modern Kitchen


Pumpkin Sheet Cake

Ah... the flavors of Fall!  My favorite time of the year is Fall.  I love the ambiance of changing … [Read More...]

Love and Marriage


Change the Conversation

Before you shut down and either you or your spouse is on the couch for the night, let's change the … [Read More...]

The Nest


Stress-Free Thanksgiving Tips

It's 4:00 p.m. and you have yet to get Tom Turkey out of the oven, you are still short one side and … [Read More...]

Renew You


Happiness is An Inside Job

"One of the hardest lessons in life is letting go. Whether it's guilt, anger, love, loss. Change is … [Read More...]



Alicia Keys’ Family Vacation….Including the EX?

Alica Keys, Swizz Beatz, their children and his EX all vacationed together in Hawaii recently according to Yahoo News. Personally, living daily in a stepfamily myself, I understand the thought process of those like Alicia Keys and Jada Pinkett-Smith … [Read More...]


Elizabeth Smart’s “My Story” GIRL POWER!

Although Elizabeth Smart isn't on the top of the social media feeds today, as I was sitting here thinking of women who ROCK and women who empower others, I thought of Elizabeth.  I have often thought about Elizabeth Smart and her tragic but amazing … [Read More...]


Stepmom Denise Richards Releasing Custody of Charlie Sheen’s Kids?

Okay, where have I been lately on my celebrity news?  Pushing late night pencils at the law firm has me all behind and I don't like it! Geesh, I had no idea that Denise Richards had been awarded custody of Brooke Muller and Charlie Sheen's twin boys … [Read More...]


Kelly Clarkson Digs on Being a New Soon-to-Be Stepmom reported the following story on Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock's upcoming wedding and her future stepmom journey.  I would say that Kelly, like many other stepparents, don't realize in the beginning the depth of dynamics that are … [Read More...]


Hollywood Exes

I caught the tail end of the first season of Hollywood Exes, a reality show featuring ex-wives of some of the greatest men in the entertainment industry, but I do plan to watch the second season premiering July 8 at 10/9 C.  The premise of the show … [Read More...]