TMF Readers, let me introduce you to the fabulous Jackie Christie, wife of NBA Superstar Doug Christie, fashion entrepreneur, CEO of her own Record Label, 4 time best selling author and a woman that was just named the National Association of Professional Women’s 2011 Woman of the Year!

Jackie, welcome to Today’s Modern Family. Let me start this interview by saying to you that I am in complete awe of you. You are doing big things and I admire you for your passion and how far you have come not just for yourself and your family but for all women! Congratulations on being named the National Association of Professional Women’s 2011 Woman of the Year. What an accomplishment! You are certainly an inspiration to me and to lots of young women out there who aspire to have more so thank you for allowing Today’s Modern Family to have this opportunity to interview you.

TMF:  You are a wife, mother of three, fashion designer, model, producer, CEO of a record company and best-selling author. How do you balance being a wife, mother and entrepreneur?

JC: Balancing them all is definitely not easy. I had to learn how to prioritize. If what you really wants is to be the best wife, mother, friend and daughter you can be then everything outside of that has no place in your life. For me, I like to set goals and make lists of things I want to get done and accomplish everyday and I work hard to complete my goals. I always put my family first and insure they are all getting everything they need from me; this allows me the clarity to continue my life’s journey of navigating my businesses, writing my books, designing my lines, running my label, etc. It truly is rewarding at the end of the day when I know I helped someone realize their dreams, made my kids smile or completed my to do list; It feels really good and It helps me feel balanced.

TMF: Its no secret that being a basketball wife can be very difficult and you are known for stopping at nothing to protect your marriage. How do the two of you maintain such a strong relationship?

JC:  We love and respect each other to the fullest & put each other first. We communicate about everything no matter what and we are best friends. When you have all these things in your relationship it makes the intimacy even greater (smiles.)

TMF:  Let’s talk about your latest book titled “Sexual Relations, A His and Hers Guide to Greater Intimacy.” Obviously, the title speaks for itself and we here at Today’s Modern Family love to put emphasis on how important it is to continue to court our spouses in order to maintain the intimacy that is crucial to the survival of our relationships. So, I am dying to know what made you, personally, want to create a his/hers guide like this and when can we expect it to hit the shelves?

JC : My new book “Sexual Relations: A His and Her Guide To Greater Intimacy” Is a modern day sex bible. It will be the go to book for men and women to help them experience greater intimacy in their lives. I feel I have been extremely blessed with a strong libido and sexual desire which I feel is a big part of having a strong and committed relationship/marriage. I have been blessed with my husband Doug in that he loves me and desires me in the deepest possible way. We are always asked how we are still so much in love, so now in my new book I will share my secrets to having a long-lasting beautiful and fulfilling relationship as well as many other surprises.

TMF:  In 2009 you launched your Colored Girl fashion collection and in 2011 the Jackie Christie Black Collection both to rave reviews! Tell us where your inspiration in the world of fashion comes from.

JC: I draw inspiration from so many places, whether it’s reading a book, walking along the beach, meeting new people or having lunch in a nice restaurant. The love I have for fashion is un-measurable and I always design from my heart. When I designed my Colored Girl line, I was inspired by all the amazing beautiful women around the world from all sizes, nationalities and backgrounds. I feel like every woman on earth should feel beautiful, so when I design I do it with that in mind.

TMF:  Your latest project is an upcoming web series, “Jackie Christie Knows Best”. Tell us more about this and what inspired you to do the show?

JC: Maya Angelou once said “when you learn — teach”, and so I feel like I have a lot that I can teach men and women. My web series is going to be both entertaining and informative. I have a lot of really great celebrity interviews, special guest appearances and more. I don’t want to give away all the surprises so I encourage you all to tune in. (smiles)

TMF:  I also understand that through this web series, you will be raising funds for unemployed women and single mothers. Can you tell me more about this and why you chose unemployed women and single mothers?

JC: Yes, I wanted to reach out to single mothers and unemployed women because I know what it’s like to be in that situation. For a short time I was an unemployed mother and that’s when I decided I wanted to own my own business and I feel that there’s not that many programs geared toward helping women that are in these situations. I feel like through my web series I could bring attention to the growing issue of single mothers and unemployed women. I feel like its apart of my responsibility to help raise money and help erase their struggle by donating money, clothes, etc.

TMF:  Now for some fun questions…

What does the term modern mom mean to you?

JC: Wow! The term modern mom to me means a renaissance women and multi tasker! It also signifies [to me] a strong women that loves her family and herself and wants to be happy and fulfilled. When a person is happy within themselves it shows and radiates to their family , friends and everyone else.

What is your definition of a good marriage?

JC: True love, respect, commitment, intimacy, friendship and communication.

What is your notion of family?

JC: My notion of family is an unbreakable bond shared amongst a family; it is a gift from God that we must cherish always. Even in the closest of families there will be ups and downs but a family that respects, loves and cherishes each other and keeps God first can overcome any and all obstacles. To me, family is everything.

Well, Jackie, let me close by saying I have thoroughly enjoyed this interview. I am a big fan of you and Doug Christie and we here at Today’s Modern Family have been honored to have you with us. Please feel free to come by and visit with us anytime.

JC: Thank You so much! We definitely will. I would love for all of you to become my twitter pals and I’ll be yours. I’m at twitter.com/JackieChristie.



  1. Jackie Christie not what she seems in this picture, she’s playing like she really cares alot about her children. What makes this photograph so cliche’ is she makes it seem like they are one big happy family. She has a daughter who lives in Seattle that she does not support and has grandchildren that she don’t care to see. She puts on a good front! Please check out her oldest daughter Takari site http://www.takarileechristie.com or http://twitter.com/#!/KariLeeChristie

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