Transform Your Space, Transform Your Life

DaddySonRenovationsmI’ve learned so much over the past 5 years about sowing the seeds that you want to harvest in your life. Modern families can be a bit complicated at times (it comes with the territory), but we have to be careful not to devote all of our energy to whatever drama is brewing at that time.  Whatever you feed in your life is nourished and grows; be it positivity or negativity; healthy relationships or unhealthy relationships; a dead end job or your dream; spirituality or emptiness. Whatever you pay the most attention to is ultimately what will show up and show out in your life! As such, I’ve been really mindful of not feeding into the actions of others that I simply cannot change. I no longer devote all of my energy to trying to figure it out. I know that my home, my kids, my family are happier because I let go of “fixing.”

Now I devote my engergy to things I can change, but have neglected over the past 5 years, like my home. My hubby and I downsized from a two story to a ranch a couple of years ago. I’ve always dreamed of living in a cute ranch that I beautify with my own blood, sweat and tears but we never made it a priority…until now. Now instead of focusing on “fixing” things or people that I can’t change, I have redirected my energy to fixing things that I can change.

Over the next few months, I hope you’ll join me for my transform your space, transform your life series as my hubby and I renovate our adorable ranch and create an inviting and serene space that screams positive energy, love and peace. First up is our master bedroom and it’s probably our most favorite room in the house. Our hope is to create our own little beach like sanctuary. My hubby and youngest son are in the pic. It was their Daddy and Son Renovation Day. At 3 years old, little Eli loves to help and including him in our renovation process makes it a lot easier and a lot more fun! Don’t miss out on my happy home series as I give you tips for not only transforming your space, but transforming your outlook on life. I’ll also tell you about some of my most fanstastic best kept secrets as well.   Until then, what can you let go of “fixing” and what can you focus on fixing in your life that will sow seeds of positivity instead of constant drama?



  1. This is such an important lesson to learn. Once we are able to step back and stop fixing things that we have no control over, we open ourselves up to the endless possibilities of control and happiness over our own lives. Thank you Kela for this wonderful post! I love it!

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