Dads Matter Too

Eli in the blue skyLOften times, the role of dad in the family, be it modern or traditional, can get overshadowed by the role of mom. Don’t get me wrong I know moms do so much for their families and sometimes at the expense of herself. Historically, that has been what is expected of us by not only our families, but society as well. However, if you live or have lived in a home with a good man and a great father, like I do then you realize that dads matter, too!

Growing up I was definitely a daddy’s girl. He was my protector, a nurturer and at 6’4, he was known as the giant guy, with a giant voice and a giant heart. I still remember sitting in his lap until I was 13 years old and rubbing his ear lobe. He treated me like I was a prized possession thereby teaching me how I wanted the man in my life to treat me. I’m not sure if he even realized what he was doing, but the expectations I developed for any man who entered my life came from how my father treated me. Dads matter, too!

Now, I am fortunate enough to share my life with a great man and a great father to my children.  I’ve watched this man dedicate his life to his children. Whether it was playing Yu-Gi Oh with my son (whom he’s raised since he was almost 4) and stepson, coaching every sport they ever played, having once a month outings that they have named “Bachelor Night” or teaching them how to wash the car, cut the grass and treat a woman.  A few months ago, I over heard my/our 16 year old telling his father that he was grateful to have him in his life and that he has learned so much just by watching him. It brought tears to my eyes because again, I realized that dads matter, too!

Three years ago the hubs and I gave birth to our 3rd child and I am blessed to witness their relationship. All over again, I get to see him coach a bunch of 3 year olds in soccer, play silly games, get excited about how many foreign languages he can teach him, make cleaning out the car the best experience in the world and perform “magic” when he falls down and gets a “battle scar.” But the most heartwarming times are when I over hear our 3 year old saying “Daddy, I love you sooooo much. You’re my best friend.” Dads matter, too!

Again, I know we get consumed with how important mom is to the family but I hope my examples are proof that dads and I mean good dads matter, too! They are not only the ones that will move heaven and earth to protect their family, coach little league soccer in 80 degree weather, make washing the car fun or stand in line for 6 hours on Christmas Eve at 3 in the morning to get their child’s must have toy…but they also set the foundation for teaching our boys how to become men and our girls how to be treated by one. Say it with me readers…Dads. Matter. Too!

Happy Father’s Day to the best husbands and fathers in the world,