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Today’s Modern Family was founded by Kela Price in order to educate people on and celebrate the modern family lifestyle. Because modern families, including stepfamilies, single parent families, recoupled families, adoptive families and overall, “non-traditional” families, are now the most common type of family, according to the U.S. Census, the need to have a source of information to guide these families was essential.

Today’s Modern Family is chocked full of helpful information on anything from how to co-parent your children to how to learn to be happy again after your divorce. Additionally, we offer general parenting advice, advice on how to plan the perfect modern family wedding, fashion advice for our modern day mommies and much more! From keeping it hot in the bedroom to family recipes for your modern family, Today’s Modern Family provides tips, tools and resources to help make your modern family the best it can be.

Founder: Kela Price

I am a Certified Stepfamily Coach, who was personally trained by Dr. Jeannette Lofas, the world’s most respected and effective Stepfamily Therapist. Additionally, I have been an ex and  wife, mom and stepmom for nearly 10 years now. I love my husband but being a “second” wife and stepmom is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. My husband and I struggled to get it right, but we have now formed a marriage and family that is simply unbreakable.

My experience, research and thousands of conversations with other blended family members challenges the traditional advice you may have heard regarding the blended family. I have first-hand experience with not only the impact of divorce, but the challenges that remarried couples face as they try to create a harmonious blended family. Our proven strategies have helped families create realistic expectations, develop meaningful relationships and eventually achieve peace within their immediate stepfamily unit.


Statement to Our Readers

We respect the thoughts, opinions and feelings of each and every one of our readers and we want TMF to be a safe place for free, respectful expression without judgment.


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