Although our certificates say counselors, we prefer to be called coaches and here’s why:

Clients seek counseling when they are struggling emotionally with an issue. Clients seek coaching when they are looking for clarity, direction, or accountability. Counseling tends to delve into the past; processing feelings, and attempting to understand why the client is having difficulty. Coaching is deeper as it is design to offer resolution (not just understanding) and accelerate the clients’ movement forward. The emphasis in coaching is to look more to the future and what the client would like to see changed. In a coaching relationship the coach may make a powerful request or co-create an inquiry (an open-ended question not intended to be answered immediately but rather reflected upon) with the client. This is not something typical of a counseling relationship. Both counseling and coaching utilize very deep levels of listening and, in addition, coaches often utilize their intuition and personal experience, combined with educational training. Our coaches aren’t just individuals who have read about stepfamily issues in a book. We live it every single day and have been doing so for many years. As such, our techniques and advice will not only be based on educational training, but experience. It is based on what we KNOW works or doesn’t work.

Our certified stepfamily coaches focus only on all issues of divorce, remarriage and the step/blended family.  Whether you just got a divorce and are in need of a co-parenting plan, are about to get remarried and are in need of an entry play or are currently immersed in your blended family and are in need of a recovery plan; our team creates customized plans that allow you to manage your family system and move towards a more harmonious stepfamily.

Our coaches have been personally trained by the world renowned pioneer of stepfamily therapy, Dr. Jeannette Lofas of the Stepfamily Foundation. Currently, the Stepfamily Foundation is the only institution that certifies coaches and counselors.


  • Co-parenting policies for divorced and remarried couples
  • Coaching for recently remarried couples with children
  • Coaching for recently divorced individuals and couples
  • Step into motherhood – first time stepmother coaching and coaching for first time mothers who are stepmothers
  • Merging two family systems
  • Divorced dad coaching
  • Maintaining connections with children, after divorce, when distance is a major faction
  • Maintaining sibling connections (half and step)
  • Coaching for single parents

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